My name is Luca Zanconato and I was born in a small town in the Vicenza hills, where I spent my childhood and adolescence among walks in the woods, cryptographic algorithms, electronic devices and verses of love.

Music has accompanied my steps since the age of ten, when I started playing keyboards in my father's band: I composed my first melody a few years later, and a soundtrack for a documentary on the Little Dolomites during the high school years.

Poetry has always been present by my side since the first verses I learned in elementary school, often a reflection of the moods and emotions that places and people have aroused on the journey towards adulthood.

The first big leap in reality was when I moved to Milan for university studies in the IT field. Gray and hectic city, which however has given me so much: my wife, my best friend and the opportunity to explore the hidden and introverted world of people, which is reflected on the events and determines the most important actions.

I now live in London, a complex and intriguing place, immersed in English every day: this made me appreciate even more how wonderful the sound of a simple word in the native language can be.

In this new reality, musical composition and poetry have become a continuous expression of feelings and emotions, key elements to counterbalance a work based on digital information, and definitely more akin to the concrete.