Ultima uscita

Un investigatore che affronta la vera essenza del suo lavoro

the rain covers the scene
falling slowly to what seems
a memory of a dream

lonely sound upon the evidence

… a dream
of emotions, desires
and ancient fears

how can a man dissolve a life in tears?

and the mind flies through time
discerning answers and details

I should ask myself why
am I still wondering
when will be my turn?

writing down a new line
to detach from this
cold and from the case

better words to cover sadness
and fighting for deliverance

from the darkness
a soul can only vanquish
through time

shattering emotions
astonishing devotion to
keep the words alive
as testament of life

… still, I am wondering
pain is never-ending

one closed, more emerging
the meaning is fading
and truth is escaping

but fear can only try
to conquer my soul
sincere, precious smiles
that's worth fighting for

are strength to beat the darkness
and feel one more dawn

distil the inner essence of
memories and hope

when time becomes the
for reason to embrace
this strength

then my work is done
peace has finally come…

Colonna sonora del documentatrio "Piccole Dolomiti: Paesaggi e Colori"